Horizontal drilling has changed the path of a well from a vertical direction to a horizontal one.

This is often necessary on building sites and here at
A1 Digging Solutions, we can help you get the job done properly.

This changes an excavation site and understanding those changes can help you determine if it’s the right option for your site.

Here’s what you can expect with this type of drilling. 

Complies with Environmental Standards

The world needs oil, but with an increasing awareness of how digging impacts the environment, there are often new regulations and guidelines.

Horizontal drilling is one way to continue work on a building site that may be environmentally sensitive. This is also true if this kind of drilling is ever needed for laying a cable or pipe. 

Leave the Surface Undisturbed

With many kinds of drilling equipment, it’s clearly obvious that there’s something going on.

While you certainly can’t hide a
horizontal drilling operation, the process does a better job of leaving the surface from being completely torn up.

This keeps from having to do more work on your site by replacing soil once the job is done.

It also helps preserve the look of the surrounding space. This might not be a huge concern on some jobs but could be important on others.

Horizontal drilling also enables creation of several wells from one wellbore, reducing the surface impact at the site. 

Lowers the Cost

Saving money on a job site is always a priority and horizontal drilling is one way to cut costs without compromising quality.

Rather than moving a well completely, we can help you re-route, which is often less costly than starting over in a new location.

It can also save a building project money by keeping from having to find fuel somewhere off-site.

Increases Production

When you choose horizontal drilling for your worksite, you can expect a higher yield of oil and gas production.

Not only is that good for your bottom line, but it also means you can achieve more product from one wellbore.

Horizontal drilling exposes gas and oil to the wellbore, meaning you can pull more from a single location.

Call A1 Digging Solutions for all of your horizontal drilling needs. Whether you want to book a job or need a quote, an expert member of staff will be able to assist.

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