When you have a construction project you have a time schedule to adhere to. Start and finishing times are important because time costs money. Before you can start building on the land, your site has to be prepared to work on. That’s where earth movers come in. 

Not all sites are level or cleared of obstacles. After that, there are foundations to dig and channels for piping and cabling also. To make it easier and make sure everything is ready, earth moving equipment is essential to use to get your project off the ground. 

This is our business at A1 Digging Solutions. We do the heavy lifting so you can get on with the rest. We have the equipment and the experience to take care of your earth moving problems efficiently.

Our area of operation isn’t just confined to construction, but includes agriculture, mining, and industry also. For that reason, we would like to tell you about the different ways earth movers can help you.

  • Land clearance is the first step in any type of construction, whether it is big or small. Not many sites are immediately fit for purpose. Whatever obstacles that are in the way, such as trees, rocks etc, need to be cleared out. 

  • Ground levelling is also another step in the construction process that earth movers can easily deal with. All buildings need a solid and level base as a foundation. 

  • In agriculture, earth movers can clear and level virgin land ready for planting. In the area of ranching or other types of animal rearing and management, fencing can be put in place much faster by earth moving drills to make holes for posts. 

  • Any building that is hooked up to power and water needs piping and channels dug. Drainage and sewer or waste pipes have to be laid under the ground. The same goes for electrical cables or gas lines. Earth movers fitted with a scoop or bucket can dig these out quickly and efficiency.

  • In strip mining, moving earth is the only way to take off the surface soil cleanly and efficiently. In underground mining slag has to be removed and deposited elsewhere. There also horizontal and directional drilling performed by earth movers.

Heavy Duty

As you can see, earth movers aren’t just used for moving soil around, there are different applications to using these machines. Above all they are built for heavy duty work.

A1 Digging Solutions have experience in all the different fields of earth moving. Need some heavy lifting done? Get in touch with us by using our contact page or simply give us a call!