Commercial digging on the Sunshine Coast, also called commercial excavation, is a job done at construction sites to move earth and provide the support needed to build on the site.

This process is a lot more involved than you might realise, but the experts here at A1 Digging Solutions have you covered with training and experience to get the job done right.

Here’s what’s involved in commercial digging. 

Breaking Ground

This is the first step in the process and involves removing trees, structures, rocks and other obstacles from the site. Clearing the land means getting it ready for what’s going to be built there, but it doesn’t always mean everything on the site is removed.

Preserving foliage and the natural movement of the earth is often a priority. This step often does not involve any digging at all, but simply removing anything on top of the site and a bit of the topsoil. 

Getting Ready for Construction

This is where digging often comes in. This step is when the preparation is done for building on the site. The goal is to have dirt on the site that can support what is going to be built there.

Sometimes this means digging and moving the dirt so that it is stable enough for the structure being erected on it. It also means digging to ensure proper drainage and to remove any soil that is contaminated. 


Here’s where the heavy digging comes in. In this step, trenches are dug to house sewer and water pipes and to make connections for the building when it’s being constructed.

This aspect of the job can be dangerous and that’s why it’s important to leave it to the professionals. 


Another job a commercial digger can perform is to move earth, which is done for several purposes. This might be a small job or a bigger one, but we arrive with the experience, training and tools to do the job right, whether it will take just a few hours or many days. 

Horizontal Drilling

If your site needs access for cables and pipes that are going to be underground, horizontal drilling is a type of commercial digging that we can do for you.

This is an alternative for trenching that is more precise and efficient and can be done on most commercial construction sites. 

When you need commercial digging on the Sunshine Coast, call us at A1 Digging Solutions.

We are always happy to provide more information or a quote for our services. 

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