A1 Digging Solutions is your go-to for drilling on the Sunshine Coast. We are skilled enough to do a wide range of drilling jobs and are available in various locations for your convenience.

Drilling is done on many construction or building sites and you want to be sure you engage skilled technicians to do the job. That means knowing when it’s time to call for drilling services. Here’s when to give us a call. 

Horizontal Drilling

We are available to undertake a range of drilling projects at your building site. Our precise method of horizontal drilling, also called directional drilling, ensures that your job is done correctly and allows for the next step of the building project to proceed. 

We can also do a number of general drilling jobs at your work site, including for fencing placement and laying pipes. 


Another reason you might need drilling services is for landscaping purposes. Whether you’re building retaining walls or starting a garden/project from scratch and need to get the dirt levelled or removed, our expert drillers can help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

We have a range of equipment options so we can handle large landscaping jobs, as well as those on a smaller scale. Whether you’re planting trees or flowers, we can help you get the land ready for your project to go forward. 

Laying Cable

We are Telstra Accredited for laying cable, which is another reason you’ll need our digging services. This is a precise job that requires attention to detail and our skills and experience ensure we tackle the job in the correct manner.

We’ll dig the trenches so that the cables are properly placed where they’re safe. We have the right tools for doing such precision work and we’re your best bet when you need it done. 

When you have a construction or domestic project that requires drilling on the Sunshine Coast, call us here at A1 Digging Solutions. We’re happy to advise and provide a quote. 

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