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Our Earth Moving Contractors

Call A1 Digging Solutions to have your earth moving work on the Sunshine Coast done promptly, safely, and affordably.

We’ve been a long time in the earth moving game. You’ll find no other earth mover on the Sunshine Coast area to match us for experience, expertise, and dedicated excavating equipment.

Hiring A1 Digging Solutions, you’ll be getting an earth mover who will get the job done without fuss and with no added drama.

The team at A1 is comprised of industry veterans who regularly operate heavy machinery in limited access situations. As if they’d been born to move earth, they can change a site’s landscape with confidence, competence and unerring success.

With A1, you won’t be dealing with sloppy operators who dig dirt only to create nightmares.

Our operators arrive on-site fully prepared. Knowing which machinery and excavating attachments will be needed on-site is crucial to both efficiency and getting the work done to your satisfaction.

We’ve had more earth moving jobs than we’ve had hot breakfasts. And unlike a man with a butter knife for a screwdriver, we are always properly prepared for the job in front of us.

We are also well-versed and uncompromising when it comes to on-site safety. One of the benefits of dealing with A1 Digging Solutions is that we take the necessary precautions. We want to make sure that our actions put neither your property, your people, or ours, in harm’s way.

That said, we’re not exactly risk-averse. After all our earth moving experience, we do like to change it up. Any challenges that your project presents will be accepted with enthusiasm.


A Sideways View of Excavating

We do Horizontal Drilling—something that is not available from every other earth moving company on the Sunshine Coast.

This process is also known as directional drilling or deviated drilling. It relies on specialised rotary equipment fitted to the drill pipe, behind the drill bit itself. This allows us to remotely steer the drill bit along the desired path.

If your project needs underground access for cables or pipes, our horizontal drilling service might well be what you’re looking for. Digging trenches can only go so far. When the complications get in your way, horizontal drilling techniques can provide much-needed solutions.

The method is very precise and our experienced operators can complete the job for you with surprising efficiency. It’s not uncommon for projects to combine several techniques, such as horizontal drilling along with trenching.

We can also transport unwanted materials away so that, following our excavating work, your site will be left the way you prefer. We will be happy to advise the most cost-effective ways to complete your project.

Contact us at A1 Digging Solutions today.


How To Choose The Right Earthmoving Equipment

When you need to make a hole in your yard, or construction site, then you need to choose the right variety of earthmovers to make sure the job is done correctly.

If you want to know the differences between the different types of earth movers available on the Sunshine Coast, then A1 Digging Solutions can offer you some advice.