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Dozer on worksite - Directional Drilling Sunshine Coast

What is Horizontal Direction Drilling?

The basic goal of horizontal drilling is to deliberately shift the path of a well from running vertically to running horizontally.

A well’s path can be shifted from many existing positions, including upwards and back from the surface.

This is something that needs to be done on many building sites and we are here to help to get it done right.

By allowing the experts to do the job, you can be sure the well is directed exactly where it needs to go so that the rest of the work on the site can proceed as normal.
Excavator moving dirt with bucket - Directional Drilling Sunshine Coast

Benefits of Horizontal Drilling on The Sunshine Coast

Horizontal drilling offers an extensive range of benefits for construction, civil, industrial, mining and agricultural projects.

At A1 Digging Solutions, we provide efficient horizontal directional drilling that is non-invasive and offers long-lasting results.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Quicker installation (less dirt displacement & less to dispose of)
  • Cheaper (we get it done faster, saving you money)
  • Less disruptive (bypassing the process of digging down directly from the site)
  • Flexibility (easier placement of pipes, sewer lines, etc.)
  • Reduced soil contamination (pushing soil to the side, rather than bringing to surface)
  • Bypassing a site that is sensitive environmentally and/or impractical
  • Enhances gas & oil production by exposing more of both to the wellbore
  • Reduces surface impact (creating several different wells from several directions)

For safe and effective horizontal drilling on the Sunshine Coast—contact A1 Digging Solutions.