Many people visit A1 Digging Solutions for a variety of earth moving situations. Whether it's for clearing land quickly, moving large amounts of debris, or for horizontal drilling, earth movers on the Sunshine Coast have you covered!

1 - Clearing a Large Area Quickly

Let’s say you want something simple like creating a flat area for a car park or maybe for a cricket pitch. You could hire people to work weeks making it as flat as possible, which is going to be difficult at the best of times. Or, you can use specialised earth movers to create a large and flat surface in just a few hours, saving you time and money. 

2 - Moving Large Amounts of Hardcore

Let’s say you have demolished a barn or a house, and now you have tonnes of hardcore littering up your land. You could take parts of it in a truck going bit-by-bit, or you could hire a 2-tonne tipper, throw it all in there and have a professional company drive off with it. 

3 - Agricultural, Commercial and Building Works

Say you need a deep hole digging to install a foundation, or maybe to install a series of septic tanks. No matter what your needs, there are industrial devices built to excavate large amounts of earth. A simple 1.5 tonne excavator can create holes of varying sizes in a wide range of different earth types. 

4 - When You Need Horizontal Drilling

There are many reasons why you may need horizontal drilling, and the fact is that such jobs are viciously difficult and very messy without a horizontal drilling machine. It may not move much earth, but it is efficient and often more cost effective than using other methods.

Do not forget that drilling machinery can cut through very difficult materials too, which is often a time-saver on its own since getting through them with hand tools is very difficult. 

 A Small Expense with Big Results

With A1 Digging Solutions, your project will move more quickly, more efficiently, and will often create less mess than the alternatives. Get in touch with A1 Digging Solutions if you are looking for earth movers on the Sunshine Coast!

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