Earthmoving isn’t a job without risks.

It requires operating heavy machinery and being around large moving parts.

It’s never a good idea to undertake such a job without the proper training and expertise.

earth movers are well educated in the process and understand the complications that could arise and how to deal with them.

They know where digging may not work and what to look for as they do their job.

Let us handle your earthmoving with our experienced diggers.


Obviously, if you need earth moved, you need an excavator.

This tool is the actual machine that is used to pick up, remove, and replace dirt at your job site.

There are several sizes of excavators and the one we bring depends on the scope of the earthmoving job you need done.

We have both a 1.5 ton and 2 ton excavator that we can bring to your site.

The larger the equipment, the faster the job so let us help you figure out what size is ideal for what you need done. 

A Stable Base

The arm of any excavator, when in use, makes the entire piece of equipment top heavy, increasing the risk of tipping over and causing injury if not well stabilised.

That means it should never be parked for use on a slope, on soft or uneven ground or near holes or embankments.

Our diggers know how to create this stable base and how to keep the excavator in the right position for everyone’s safety.

Never attempt to use the machine yourself if you aren’t sure that it’s been properly stabilised. 

Other Considerations

Our diggers can do all kinds of earthmoving jobs and will always bring the right tools for the job.

We can also provide and install fencing and retaining walls as well as assist with cable laying and many kinds of landscaping jobs.

Call A1 Digging Solutions for more help with any of your earthmoving jobs.

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